Chakradhar T (US Voice & Accent)
"I had a great learning experience at Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals. Zayd sir conducted an excellent training on voice and accent classes which nurtured my skills and helped overcome my mother tongue influence, mumbling and fumbling, and helped me to neutralize my voice and improved my vocabulary. I liked the ambiance and I feel this is a comfortable place to learn. I would recommend people to improve their voice and accent at Kingsman and in introspect it's important in your professional life to implement these skills for your future career"



Wasif H (Train the Trainer - US Voice & Accent)
"Remarkable to learn how to be a trainer from an excellent trainer. Outstanding."


Kavitha B (Soft Skills, Voice & Accent, Train the Trainer)
"Kingsman Elite Corporate professional is the best institute in Hyderabad for V&A soft skills and TTT training. All the concepts are designed to suit real time professional requirements. The practice sessions and course materials are very informative. It has helped me in enhancing my overall personality. It was really a great learning experience in KECP. I am thankful to my trainer Zayd sir for all his support and guidance. I personally recommend KECP to everyone"


Anukalp D (US Voice & Accent)
"Extraordinarily good voice and accent training! The course is adapted for each student since every one has different requirement" 


Mohd F (US Voice & Accent)
"I had a great learning experience overall at Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals. MR Zayd was encouraging and very informative, his method of teaching on voice and accent were very interesting and fun which helped me develop in different ways.and he was very Nonchalant throughout the course. Had a great time n lovely experience getting trained under Zayd. I couldn’t have ask for a better course! Thank you."



Chaitanya S (US Voice & Accent)
"If you want to excel in English definitely this is the right place.. unique teaching methods, which will explore your hidden talent....Definitely a positive impact on your life... I'll recommend for kids too.... if you are searching for English classes drive your vehicle to Kingsman"

Mohd I (US Voice & Accent)


"What more to say, its the best learning place for V&A. Mr. Zayd was very helpful, indeed you get what you want."


Mustafa A K (Corporate Training)
"If you are serious about improving your skills, then these guys are the obvious choice, dedicated professionals, 5 Stars!"



Laxman P (Soft Skills)
"Mr. Zayd is a great teacher…. In just four short weeks I learned techniques that I will use over a lifetime to improve my communication skills , This course is great for anyone and  I highly recommend it  since there’s no replacement for a teacher that can say, ‘This is what I do and it led to these results, You won’t regret taking the class, but you might regret not making yourself a good individual when you had the chance. 

Mr Zayd talks right from the heart, it’s hard hitting and authentic!
Loaded with thought provoking idea’s on how to lead more effectively, this is one leadership course that not only  affected my leadership, but also my  whole approach to life!  
I loved this course! Valuable life principles that are explained in a way that’s easy to understand. Thank You Mr. Zayd for making me realize my true potential"




Gnanendra K (Corporate Training and UK Voice & Accent)
"KECP gave me step by step guidance on how to be a Maverick. I went from B- to A+. My first major attempt given me an incredible results. Thank you Zayd"




Shameera K (Corporate Training and UK Voice & Accent)
"My husband is proud of me,my friends are proud of me,but most of all I'm proud of myself for never giving up, no matter how bad it got. Zayd truly changed my life"




Naina A (Soft Skills and US Voice & Accent)
"I happened to get trained under Zayd Sir and it really helped me. He applies different teaching methods which are not only comfortable but effective. Language courses are not really helpful if you listen and do not say anything. Such is not the case with Zayd Sir. His soft skills and voice & accent classes are very interactive which makes you more attentive towards the course. All it matters is are we really able to apply what we learn practically when required and there, I give Zayd Sir a big thumbs up! At the end, I will rate Zayd Sir’s voice & accent and soft skills training as one of the best in Hyderabad."


Kavya V (Corporate US Voice & Accent)
"Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals is the best training institute for Voice and Accent training in Hyderabad. Your way of teaching is amazing. I have learnt a lot.Thank you so much KINGSMAN ELITE CORPORATE PROFESSIONALS"


Sai K (Corporate US Voice & Accent)
"Best place to learn US voice &accent in Hyderabad... awesome trainer and friendly nature...:) Thank you "


Manoj K R (Corporate US Voice & Accent)
"Your way of teaching is amazing i enjoyed alot and i have learnt so many things from you. Your way of interacting with people is awesome. You are the best. Thank you Zayd"


Anilumar G (Corporate US Voice & Accent)
"Kingsman Elite corporate professionals is one of the Best institute because with in a month I improved my Accent, it will helpful to my career...and all credits goes to my Trainer...So I suggest Kingsman Elite to everyone ."



Sai N (Corporate Training and UK Voice & Accent)
"Your training can help to learn for novice people also
And your way of teaching was joyful. I have learnt so many things because of u and ur training. It even changed my mindset I mean I have learned positive thinking. Now i am leading my positive life even in difficult times also. U r the best faculty ever I met"




Srinadh V (Corporate Training and UK Voice & Accent)
"The sessions (Soft Skills + Voice and Accent) by Mr. Zayd helped me a lot, within a short time-period. The way he teaches will be clear to all the people. All can easily understand the way he teaches (while speaking/teaching he keeps everyone in mind so that everyone can understand.
Very punctual in conducting the classes.
Activities really help people in speaking with confidence, so that stage fear will be gone for the speaker"




Rajyalakshmi C (Corporate Training and UK Voice & Accent)
"The way things are explained is excellent! Mr. Zayd give everyone equal attention and concentration. Simply and honestly I want to say that your sessions are awesome. These sessions help me alot"



Aswath N (Company Sponsored US Voice & Accent training)
"Sir with the help of you, my team has improved a lot in communication and accent they are now feeling pretty comfortable while dealing with clients. "



Rajesh R G (Corporate US Voice & Accent)
"I really loved your sessions ZAYD. Those are boosted up my language levels, I gained a lot, I never had these sessions in my life.Thank you and Keep it going and all the best for your future goals.


Abbabathula A (Corporate V&A)
"Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals is the best training institute for Voice and Accent training and especially the training will be given according to the requirement of the respective corporate. The best thing is training will be given by modifying methods with respect to the person as well. If you really wants to be a Master at Voice and Accent , you have to join Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals , I suggest."


Vicky W G (Corporate US Voice & Accent)
"Kingsman elite corporate professionals is the best institute for voice and accent in Hyderabad. Thank you Zayd for your outstanding training"


Vidisha R (Corporate US Voice & Accent)
"It really helps to improve u r accent and pronunciation. Excellent teaching. Thanx Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals"


Ravikiran A (Company Sponsored US Voice & Accent training)
"Sir, your training was amazing. I learned many things from you. It's an excellent learning curve. I hope it will help us to be in the top positions in future. For Voice and Accent in Hyderabad, KECP is the best"


Krishna S


Krishna S (Company Sponsored US Voice & Accent training)
"An excellent learning experience. Well-prepared educator with clear delivery method, it has helped me greatly. A true and professional way of teaching in such a short time"




Misbah U (Soft Skills)
"Mr. Zayd is an excellent professional trainer, i got trained under him for a month,it has really benefited me to overcome the hurdles in my professional career, he makes the class very interactive and fascinating which made my confidence level boosted, the good part is that he is transparent and friendly in nature.my suggestion to people who are looking for corporate training would be,to join under him without any hesitation. GOOD LUCK"



Hameed (Soft Skills)
"Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals and Zayd sir are the only people I recommend for Soft Skills and Voice and Accent in all of Hyderabad. I will only continue training with them to keep improving myself. Best training company and trainer in Hyderabad!"


Nagulmeera S (Corporate US Voice & Accent)
"Kingsman is a very good professional training institute"


Prashanth B (Corporate US Voice & Accent)
"Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals is the outstanding v&a training .....Zayd is the superb person who has trained us"


Aamani M (Corporate US Voice & Accent)
"A language is tool by using that a person can be able to communicate his feelings to another person. So for the purpose of communication a language is necessary.English is the most communicated language through the world. KINGSMAN ELITE CORPORATE PROFESSIONALS is the best voice and accent training center to improve our ENGLISH.They follow a unique method. Thank you kingsman."


Priyanka S (Corporate US Voice & Accent)
"The best place to learn voice and accent in Hyderabad is Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals , you won't find this type of teaching anywhere , awesome training was given , i have learned many things in this training , thank you Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals"



Murali K (US Voice & Accent)
"The trainer, Mr. Zayd is awesome n d way he has trained me with regards to voice n accent was u know really superb.. I didn't expect that vast n simple explanation to the complex concepts. I think now am done.. thank you sir.. u r excellent in terms of subject granularity n simplicity in explanation.. after completing voice n accent course with you now I am 100 percent confident.. thanks alot.."

Vinay Raj


Vinay Raj (US Voice & Accent)
"The aspirants who are looking for 'Voice & Accent' training should definitely step into the 'KECP'. As the 'KECP' institution employed the Australian voice & Accent trainer to train the aspirants in a better way. I would say one could improve his 'Accent' in a better way only when he have a conversation with a foreigner. So there is no question of thinking & hesitating about the quality training in this institution, trainer is very friendly and supportive the material which he provides helps to improve 'Accent' very quickly. I would strongly suggest the aspirants to join this institution to improve their 'V & A' in a better way"

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Aditya B (Soft Skills and US Voice & Accent)
"It is a very wonderful way of learning ....The way they teach here is amazing ..u won't find teachers like this anywhere els.. I suggest this to all my friends to join"



Dinesh V (Soft Skills and US Voice & Accent)
"Outstanding! Brilliant! Best in Hyderabad. 5 out of 5 stars"


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