We at Kingsman believe in providing quality training to individuals who seek to better themselves. Our training methods are unlike other training providers and we're extremely confident it will prove to be successful.


Our certificates are awarded based on the trainees' improvement and dedication


Our 3 levels of certification are:


Certificate of Achievement : Awarded to trainees who've attended the sessions regularly, completed the tasks assigned to them and have shown a huge improvement in their grasp of knowledge in their chosen programme. They're confident with their abilities and skills and can prove what they've learned in a practical manner. 


Certificate of Completion : Awarded to trainees who've attended the sessions regularly, but unfortunately haven't put in 100% effort in completing tasks and have shown some improvement but will need to spend more time sharping their skills. 


Certificate of Attendance : Handed to trainees who've been unable to attend the sessions regularly and have shown little enthusiasm and confidence in improving themselves. These individuals may most likely need to undergo more training. 

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