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Who we are ?

Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals™ (KECP) offers real-world practical skills-based Corporate Training, Voice and Accent, Soft Skills, Communication, Presentation and Leadership skills etc for individuals and businesses in the public and private sectors.

We offer public and in-house courses, one-to-one coaching and group workshops. We strongly believe in focusing on key elements to improve your professional and personal lives.


Performance experts

Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals™ (KECP) is Hyderabad's leading and trusted center for education and training in Corporate Training. The KECP Corporate program gives professionals the chance to benefit from KECP’s world-renowned training methods.

We have been recognised for our practical and creative approach to training. Our Bespoke Training Solutions achieve the utmost satisfaction because we cater to our client requirements.


Experienced corporate educators

Our course managers have extensive experience working with business and government clients designing bespoke programs along with delivering workshops as tutors.


Specialists in our field

KECP tutors specialise in Corporate Training, Soft Skills & Voice and accent. We draw on that expertise to deliver high-quality training for professionals across a range of industries. Tutors include voice specialists, movement and body language practitioners, corporate etiquette, spoken English etc.


Flexible and responsive to your needs

If you are looking for bespoke training, a course manager will work closely with you to design and develop a program to suit your organisation’s needs or your requirements for a specific event.


Supportive and feedback-focused

We do much more than deliver content. We will:

Give you the tools and techniques to become a confident and engaging communicator and leader, identify your strengths and areas for improvement offer individual feedback in a safe and supportive environment.


Get to know us better

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Soft Skills, Voice and Accent, Corporate Training, Personality Development & much more!


Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals™

Bespoke Training Solutions

Proudly Australian Owned, based in Hyderabad, India.